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CueZy - the 9 Pad Sampler for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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The setting view allows users to manipulate the basic settings.

When using Reset All, all settings saved in CueZy will be deleted. To delete all the settings, press Reset All and press "Yes" from the pop-up window.

Eco mode can be used when the audio becomes choppy or the app itself becomes slow. By turning on this mode, it will limit the processing speed of the audio and allow stable performance of the application.

After connecting the device to your sound system, you may realize that the screen is upside down. Do not worry, we have created the “Dock Right/Left/Auto” button. Push this button to adjust which side of the screen goes up in relation to the dock.

By using the Live Input switch, the Live Input function can be turned on or off. If you need to play sounds simultaneously with other applications, please try to turn this switch off.

When turned on the Decibel indication, all volume indications are displayed in decibel(db).

To make a backup from the current pad settings, launch the Music picker screen by tapping the Backup button, and use the Backup menu.

The License button allows the license to change by tapping. When selecting a license that has not been paid for, the payment window will appear. After finishing the payment, the features according to the selected license can be used.

The licenses that was already purchased can be restored by keep pressing the license button.

The effective functions per each license are listed under the Performance sheet.

By using the slider on the device volume, all audio volumes within the device will be affected.

When using audio devices that can connect via Air Play or Bluetooth, use the Air Play button and select the output device.